Getting Licenses At 16 Brings Higher Risk To Drunk Driving!

Here, lets think about this and TRY to make sense out of it. A girl gets her license at the age of 16. She is free to drive anywhere (well in some states) and she also has the time for driving. She decides to go to a party. They have  alcohol at this party and the girl decides to drink and she gets a little tipsy. She has no other way to get home other than herself and if she calls her parents she KNOWS she will get GROUNDED for LIFE!!! Not to mention her parents will tell her WHOLE family and she will be TOTALLY EMBARRASSED! So, the party is getting kind of boring now, and she decides to get going. She gets into her car and begins to drive home. She is getting closer, only 4 more blocks! She doesn't realize the speed she is going, and when she turns the corner ...................... CRASH, right into a tree. The girl, flies out of her seat belt springs through the front window, into a tree. She dies instantly.

How sad? I know you are probably thinking what kind of weirdo would write this, but it is true. Alcohol does some weird things to your mind! You think it is common sense not to drink and drive, but when you are there at this great party with alcohol and everyone is leaving, will you not be TEMPTED. I'm not saying that everyone that goes to a party that has their license will decide to drink and drive. If you do decide to drink at a party  make sure you get a ride with a sober driver, and make sure you get home. Do you really want your parents to get woken up at 1:00 in the morning from a phone call from the police saying that their daughter has been killed. That she was drunk and drove home, lost control and hit a tree, head on and died instantly. That would CRUSH your parents. You might not realize it at times, but you parents DO love you and want to make sure that you DO come home alive. Next time someone asks you to have a drink, think of your parents, guardians and brothers and sisters, and how never seeing you again would affect them. How would it affect you if it happened to one of them? All that I am trying to stress is that, is it really worth the PAIN and SUFFERING just for a short few hours of having fun? If you don't remember anything from this whole article, try to remember this: