It Was My Fault

If you have been abused or raped, you may question yourself was this my fault?  It must of been my fault or this would have never happened!  The thing is WHO was the one who did the wrong doing? Was it you or your assaulter?

No one deserves to be abused or raped.  You did absolutely nothing wrong no matter how bad the thing was that resulted.  There are NO good excuses for rape or abuse.  Even killing someone isn't a reason for being abuse or rape.  If you are one of the ones who are saying "It is my fault" trust yourself.  I promise you it was NEVER you fault.  I was sexually abused all my life and my assaulter would tell me I was a "bad" little girl and by molesting me he said it would teach me to be "good".  So I thought that I was bad enough to deserve everything that happened to me.  Now I realize that I did nothing to deserve it.  You have to believe that too.  No matter what ANYBODY says to you it is NEVER EVER EVER the victims fault.