First Kiss & French Kissing!

I know many people wonder about how kisses are like at first and how they can enjoy it and how to calm down and such things of the sort.

Do you have any tips for a girl?

Just let your guy know that you haven't kissed before. If he knows that, then he will probably take it into consideration. Just start slow with pecks and then start working your way up in the session. If you start small then work your way up to making out, it will be a lot easier and it will flow. Just follow his lead and do what you think is right. It's hard to explain but trust me, when it happens you'll know what to do.

Any tips for guys on a first kiss?

Do the same thing I told the girl to do. If the girl has kissed before then tell her that you're new at this and just follow her lead. If you both haven't kissed then it shouldn't be too much of a problem because you aren't trying to impress anyone. If the girl doesn't know what to do, and u don't know what to do, then practice on your hand or something - anything - just not another person.

Tips for French Kissing?

French kissing is like one of those things that come naturally... so really I would not worry about this one at all. I would advise you go slow at first... a real turn off is when people seem to think that to do a good job, you must ram your tongue into each others mouths like its a contest to see who can get it further down their throats. Well it isn't. I have had a guy do that to me - and I DID choke... my face literally starting turning purple and blue due to the lack of oxygen. So don't take that route. Secondly, the big issue with french kissing and teeth: I would suggest to not use teeth (biting) while kissing unless you know how to. I must admit this guy I knew once used his teeth and he was a REALLY good kisser. I mean not only did he suck my tongue and played with it... he nibbled slightly... it was really good. He must have kissed loads of people to get that good. Try and keep your teeth out of it - unless of course you know how.

I would start with a closed mouth peck on the lips, then open your mouth partially and start to add more lip movement as he does the same. When both of your mouths are quite open as you are kissing, slip in a little bit of tongue until it reaches his. Massage his tongue with yours while constantly VARYING what you do. Circle your tongue around his, jab his tongue with yours, flick your tongue onto his, and explore his mouth. Follow the lead if it is your first time, but if it isn't then you show him the lead.

Some hints and tips that I usually do:

Don't just kiss all of the time, pull away sometimes and tease him. Pull away and flick your tongue into his mouth before pulling it back. Then when he goes to kiss you. Don't kiss him with your mouth open. I do that regularly and the guys get annoyed by it. :) If you CAN use your teeth when kissing properly then I recommend GENTLY nibbling his lips (a really nice touch). The sucking tongue method is also GREAT and it feels REALLY good. What you do is when you are kissing him, you wrap your tongue around his and then you kind of suck it. It's like you're giving his tongue a blow job, it feels really good, and it is so easy to do to others. I highly recommend this because all the guys seemed to love it.

Added information on French Kissing by Adam Marshall

French kissing is an ART. Begin by understand what french kissing is and how and why it is used. French kissing is a way of exploring your partener's mouth with your toungue. It's said to be intimate because your toungue is located in your partener's mouth, where normally it shouldn't go.

BEFORE attempting french kissing, you and your partener should DISCUSS it first; don't take it upon yourself to french kiss the other. If you do, you will ruin it for the other as it will be unexpected and maybe discussting to them. OPEN COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY TO ANY RELATIONSHIP.

While doing open mouth kissing, slowly stick your toungue into your partener's mouth and first explore their toungue. After you have explored their toungue, move around to the sides of their mouths. If you feel your tounge is tired, rest, but DON'T LEAVE YOUR TOUNGUE in their mouth STATIONARY (not moving) for a long period of time. I'd say 10 seconds no more.

Your partener should also be explained how french kissing is and how to do it. Better teach your partener first :)

If you do this, your french kissing experience for the FIRST time will be unbelievable.