From 100 To 0.

The hardest thing to do is go from 100 to 0. What do I mean by this? Well, have you ever had a relationship with someone and it was so strong and so meaningful that it encompassed your world? And maybe even changed your life? They mattered to you because on some level they were your friend; your best friend, your loved one, your lover, and maybe your everything.

This is what I mean by 100. They were in your life 100 percent. If you saw them everyday or once a week, they were 100% there.

Now what I was saying, the hardest thing is to go from that 100% to nothing at all; absolutely nothing. No talking, no seeing each other, no friendship, all contact gone. Now sometimes this means the person has passed away, in that case, you don't need the explanation because that's clear to see. That's why the grieving process is so hard.

... But wait, what if they didn't die? What if they broke up with you or wanted a divorce? Then you can relate to the 100 to 0. Your partner has just shocked you. Even if you saw it coming, it was still a shock on some level. Now you go from knowing all about them, to knowing nothing. You go from holding them and being so close, and now you're strangers with a history.

All of these situations are sad. Even if it's a best friend, it's hard too. Going from 100 to 0 hurts the most. It is the thing that lingers in your stomach, which makes you nauseous when it happens. You have doubt and confusion in your mind; your heart breaks and aches in the shock. The days that follow are hard... even harder maybe, because you keep waiting for a change to happen and nothing changes. You wait for a call... but no call... You wait for a sign... but no sign. You pray, you hope, but nothing happens.

You are experiencing 100 to 0, the biggest pain, you'll feel, because having that shock that hurt to your system is devastating and irreversible. Change, whether it is death, relationships, friendships; if it results in pain it's hard!

Try to find your inner strength.