Online Relationships - Do They Work? Are They Worth It?

It seems that the more technology develops, the more people are developing relationships online. Online relationships start for many reasons and one of them is that people are accepted into groups on the Internet much easier then in the real world. In the real world people are judged by first impressions of looks, on the Internet in cyberspace people are mostly judged by their personality which allows people to get to know the true person behind the keyboard and computer monitor.

A frequent question I am asked often is "Do online relationships work out?". Well it has been from my personal experience that most online relationships can work out, but don't. Sometimes their is not enough communication between both persons in the relationship. Although the most common problem is one or both persons in the relationship get lonely and look for "love" or something to hold even though they are part of a relationship online. Problem with these relationships is most of it is all words and no actions. When you can meet the person your "going out with" online, it normally will make a big difference. They get to know the real you online, then get to meet the real you in the real world. Most relationships that start online, where the people do meet within a reasonable amount of time, do work out. It all depends on how dedicated the persons involved are to making it work. Every person in this world is different and unique in their very own little way.

Another common question asked rather often is "Is it really worth the hassle?". Well to give a very honest and practical answer to this question, you mostly have to ask yourself that very question. How do you truly feel about the person you are talking to online? Do you think it is a serious relationship and that it could work out in the real world? Is there a chance of you two ever meeting, and if so, where, when, and how? Do you want to meet this person, or are you afraid that this person may not like you in real life? There are lots of questions asked in a situation like this. Many people believe the Internet is a terrific way to meet people, but that is nothing but their own opinion. Overall, the virtual world of the Internet grows everyday and with all the online dating services, and chat lines, more and more people are meeting online and getting together in the real world. Online relationships is something both parties have to work hard to keep the relationship, to make the relationship work, to have complete trust in the other, and that the truth must be displayed at all times. If truth is not displayed then the relationship will most likely not work out, and if it does work out, it will work out because of complete lies, which is not something to look forward to.

Any online relationship can work out. As long as both persons involved are both dedicated to making it work. Any relationship, whether online or not, will work out if it is truly worked at. If love is in the air, and both persons involved in the relationship are dedicated to making it work, then and only then, the relationship will mostly likely work.