Relationships Need New Things Every Once In A While.

Through-out my life I have met many people, and have found that I enjoyed myself the most with the people I knew I would never meet again. The first time you meet someone you seem to experience an rush of adrenalin, you feel as if you could say anything. This allows you to be laid back because you know you that will almost certainly never have to deal with the person again. Because of this you can have a certain sarcasm that has seriousness to it. It really doesn't matter what is said, it is just a good time for the brief 5 minutes or so it lasts.

The problem I see with relationships with people you will have to confront every day is that you have to worry how everything will affect them. If you ever said what you truly felt to someone you see everyday you will have to put up with the consequences. These consequences lead to discomfort in both parties, creating a great unease. Also when you are around some people too long the relationships tend to grow stale, people begin to loose intrest in oneanother and must resort to odd tactics to keep the group of friends together. These tactics include doing stipid things to get attention and bring everone together in laughter or dissapiontment. Also bringing up past things that have been done is sure sign that there is nothing new to really talk about. When you have been with people for a long time you loose things to talk about and eventually just end up standing around. Becuase people are afraid to look in other places for new friends in the fear of being rejected long term relationships can go on like this for a long time. The relationships are refreashed though when freash blood, or another person is introduced into the group of friends mixing everything up. I have found that when something new happens the relationships strengthen. But when nothing really happens the relationships fall apart.