You Are ALL Judging Yourself!

People are calling gay people "we", "they" as if it is a race, as if you are different. You are a complete hypocrite by saying straight people should treat you EQUALLY. You aren't even doing it yourself! If you expect people to see you are EQUAL then how about stop judging yourself?


Remember that.

Whether you fancy/love/like/fuck/admire girls or guys or trees or animals or Bananas (me, lol) it does NOT matter. You are not part of a society. All of us humans should NOT split ourselves up into groups. None of us are different. We are all unique like each other. This means nothing that we do is weird. We are all the same but in different ways.

The whole "coming out" shit isn't really relevant at all. YOU DO NOT NEED TO COME OUT at all!

You need to learn how to be yourself. How to feel comfortable with yourself, and above all how to not compare yourself to other people.

The main point in this article is TO STOP JUDGING. All of you!

Treat everyone equally. No-one is better than anyone. Remember that.