Why Can't Life be Perfect?

I could just say "Life is what you make of it" and leave it at that but truthfully I don't want to say that and you probably don't want to hear it either.

I remember the Wallgreens commercial "we live no where near perfect..."  and I hate that commercial. Having a 'perfect' life has nothing to do with having all the luxuries you can think of. Also unlike Robert A. Henlien's saying "The richest person is the one with he most friends" is also not true. It is the one who makes the most of what they are dealt that has the best life. I know you are thinking "yeah right" but no matter how bad you have it in the long run it's really not that bad. There is someone that use to go to my school that I will never forget. She was from a war-torn country and her whole family was killed in front of her. She somehow was still able to manage to keep a smile on her face and look at the good in her life.

When one spends their whole life looking back at their past, they miss their future. Life is too short for pity and regret as there is always good in your life no matter what the situation.