Self Esteem Tricks

These are the very Self-Esteem tricks I use myself, so I know they work well.

  1. Think of things that give you confidence. For example school grades if you have any good ones. Find things that you are good at (for me it's computers), or better than other people at. I know it's not good to think your better than other people at something, but it does give you good self-esteem! The most important thing is to make you feel good about yourself, you can only do that if you have something to be proud of; so find something you are good at.
  2. It's not about who other people are; it's about who you are. If you are yourself with one person (such as a relative at home) you are also yourself with others too. Be yourself. If you have trouble talking to people then this is how I suggest you think.
  3. Relaxing. The biggest secret to having confidence is to relax. I can't say it any clearer than that, but if you try and relax your whole body it will help. It has a lot to do with meditation, if you have a meditation technique use that, if not then pm me and I'll tell you. smile.gif Another thing you could think is what is the worst thing that can happen in this situation? In the end whatever happens; it doesn't matter. The situation is likely to result in much worse consequences if you are nervous.
  4. If you feel afraid then I use this self-esteem technique, which I've just worked out and tested. This happened because I was sitting in a lecture. The man that was speaking decided that he would ask people questions at random, and naturally I was experiencing a feeling of utter dread at the prospect of being asked a question in front of a whole audience. As I was sitting there I began thinking about how I would feel most comfortable talking like this, and I realised that I feel most confident at home. I then visualised home and how it would feel to be sitting there right now. This had the effect of making me much more confidant and I managed to answer the questions without coughing and spluttering, or being really nervous about it. This one works with among large groups of people.

Well those are the things that have helped to give me self-esteem. I hope they work for you as they have for me.