I've Quit Cutting, Now the Scars

I spent the last... while... looking through the Support Groups and reading all the topics with ideals for helping to fade scars.  I found a lot of great iseals that I am going to try out.

Scar Reduction/Fading Products

  • Neosporin (http://www.neosporin.com) and Polisporin (http://www.polysporin.ca/en/default.asp) are supposed to help fresh cuts heal more quickly and reduce scarring.
  • Tanning seems to be a popular method for reducing scars appearances, though some people say it darkens the color of their scars as well.  The majority of people though, including myself, find that it helps their scars blend in with their skin tone and also reduces their size.
  • Vitamin E is very useful for helping scars fade, but it is important to make sure it is only used on wounds that are completely healed.
  • Makeup, like Dermablend (http://www.dermablend.com/index.aspx?) is good for covering up scars and is not really that expensive.
  • Scar reduction creams, like Mederma (http://www.mederma.com/) are good for all kinds of scars, burns, cuts, acne, and even stretch marks.
  • Websites like this one: http://www.makemeheal.com/mmh/product/scar_reduction/index.vm?procid=42 come with a bunch of other alternatives for scar reduction.
Then there is the old fashion way of covering up scars with stick or liquid makeup.  You can get these products at your local grocery store for a few dollars.