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It Started With Only A Couple A Day.

Most of us enjoy trying new things, taking chances, and risking various things. Two summers ago I flew to Europe where I spent a month without my parents. Living with my cousin, I began hanging out with her friends every night. It was during this month that I first...

To Smoke Or Not To Smoke?

I'm not writing this to judge you. I'm writing this to give you the facts. What smoking can in fact cost you. I'm not saying, "do not smoke", I'm saying, "Before you do smoke, know what it might cost you in the long run." So before you light up, take the time to read...

What Happens To You When You Pick Up That Cigarette?

There are millions of teenagers who take up smoking every year. It is very unfortunate but many begin their smoking addiction due to peer pressure, because their parents smoke, because they want to look "cool". But do you really know what you are doing to your body?...