People Care!

Teenage Suicide

by: Unknown


I thought of dying
gazing into the black, seductive ice water
so glassy and so tranquil
I thought of dying
but in my place
Death's bony embrace
clutched listless children
gnawed by hunger;
prisoners on death row
detritus of their own childhoods;
poor shepherds grazing blunt-toothed animals
on land mined hillsides

I thought of dying,
to throw myself away
so much landfill
If it's no use to me
I could give it
I can holler with my lungs
at injustice
join hands in protest
at brutality
I realized that I had long been dead
but I could choose instead
to re-awake
and be alive for them.

If you want to commit suicide, read this, it may help:

Think of three people that care about you. Anyone can name three people. Just try. Think of five things you would miss if you died. There are five. Just try. Think of ten people that would miss you if you died. You can do it. If you still want to die, talk to the three people, do the five things. Oh, and call a medical professional for help! People care, remember that!

As many times as you have been told this... suicide is not the answer! Every single one of you is here for a reason! And when it is your time to go then you will be taken. You feel that no one cares but there is at least one person that deep heartedly cares for you. It may not be obvious to you though at times! There is so much held in the future just awaiting all of you. If you end you life now you won't get to see what is waiting for you! Ending your life is not going to solve will only make things are hurting so many people if you commit suicide...think to yourself: Is it worth hurting friends, mom, dad, and other family for me to die. Is it worth losing everything that I had waiting for me in life? Is it worth missing out on all of the things you will be missing out on? IS SUICIDE WORTH ALL OF THIS? NO! I could go on and on here with reason why you should not commit suicide... but I am going to leave you with this.... PLEASE RE-THINK YOUR DECISION!

The #1 best thing for you to do is talk to someone about your feelings! You need to get them out in the open! If you have already taken that step and nothing has changed then GET HELP! Go to a guidance counselor at school or a local counselor in your area. Teen suicide hotline # is 1-800-SUICIDE. It is 100% confidential and free. It will not show up on your phone bill!!