Suicide - It Is Not The Answer!

As many times as you have been told this, suicide is NOT the answer!!! Every single one of you is here for a reason, and when it is your time to go then you will be taken.

You feel that no one cares, but there is at least one person that deep heartedly cares for you. It may not be obvious to you though at times, but there IS a person who cares for you this much!!!! There is so much held in the future just awaiting all of you. If you end you life now you won't get to see what is waiting for you.

Ending your life is not going to solve anything; it will only make things worse. You are hurting so many people if you commit suicide. Think to yourself, if you die, is it worth hurting your friends (YES EVERYONE HAS AT LEAST ONE FRIEND, so don't tell me you don't have any), mom, dad, and other family? Is it worth losing everything that you had waiting for you in life? Is it worth missing out on all of the things you will be missing out on? IS SUICIDE WORTH ALL OF THIS??? HELL NO!!!