A Collection Of Poems Dealing With The Thought Of Suicide.

WARNING: The following may have triggering material and may not be suitable for some readers. Please proceed with caution if you feel like commiting suicide at ANY point while reading this, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. You can just click on this link Home or Safe Haven (Support Groups).

Teenage Suicide
By Kyiotie

I thought of dying
gazing into the black, seductive ice water
so glassy and so tranquil
I thought of dying
but in my place
Death's bony embrace
clutched listless children
gnawed by hunger;
prisoners on death row
detritus of their own childhoods;
poor shepherds grazing blunt-toothed animals
on landmined hillsides

I thought of dying,
to throw myself away
so much landfill
If it's no use to me
I could give it
I can holler with my lungs
at injustice
join hands in protest
at brutality
I realized that I had long been dead
but I could choose instead
to reawake
and be alive for them

By Joy

The pain and anger runs
It flows and hurts throughout every day
What can I do to make it all go away?
How can I live with this every single fucking day!
It hurts so bad I just can't bear it
A prick of the knife just might solve it
I grab up my knife shining in the light
A single tear drips down and I shudder in fright
But I've made up my mind its the only way out!
It's the only way to make it all go away
I drop to the floor, still and dead
And suddenly I'm filled with dread
Oh what have I done the faces the faces...
Family. Friends old and new.
Crying, pinning oh how I wish I knew
Why now do they care?
Why now do they cry?
Oh if only I knew
But no more sorrow no more pain it has all gone away
With all my cares my woes and sorrows
The all have flowed away
I'm no longer living....
Oh how I wish I weren't dead

By Diane2ns

The room seems so big now
They're pounding on the door
They are begging to come in
They want to know more
But I can't let them in
They can't see my pain
But they wont go away now
Though there's nothing to gain
My life is a wreck
There's no point live
I sit on the floor
I've got no more to give
They won't go away now
They beg and they plead
They try to climb through the window
They say it's me they need
I hear the pain in their voice
As they ask once again
I do not respond
As goes the trend
With frustration and pain
They give up the fight
And stroll back to their rooms
To hope I survive the night
I ponder their actions
While I sit there in tears
They don't need me, I say
They'll forget in a few years
The phone starts to ring
The machine picks it up
My friend says, "I love you
And I won't give up"
She's lying, I say
As I cry on the floor
She'll be alright in the end
She doesn't need me anymore
But the message wasn't over
She collected thoughts
And in between her own tears
Used the time she had bought
She told me how much my life meant
How much I had helped
How my being there assisted
In what she had been dealt
I couldn't take it any longer
I pulled out the plug
The pain in her voice
Because of the hole I had dug
The room was quiet now
It was only me
Nothing they could do
Why couldn't they see
How terrible I was
With my messed up life
The pain I was in
No more meaning to life
I looked out the window
And into their room
They couldn't see me
They were so filled with gloom
Then suddenly I snapped
The pain on their face
I'd seen it before
In a different place
A place filled with death
A place with despair
They were thinking the worst
That I had gone elsewhere
How could I hurt them
They were my friends
They had been there for me
Around every bend
I'll live for my friends
For even when they don't show it
They care for me deeply
And now I know it


Days of life
Days of death
Days of happiness can't beat this stress
That I feel
When I live
Can't do much but take these pills
To kill the pain
So i won't half to hurt no more
I took a few
It changed my point of view
On how I look
At everyone
I went depressed
When I saw colors
I can't live with all this sorrow

The days were grim
When I thought
I could never be to thin
Never think i'll think that again
Its not enough when its to hard to swallow
Except for you when you half to borrow
Then it seems
Like ya got tons of friends
Til it's over then it ends
Then begins
The world where you pretend
Everything will be ok
When everything is not ok

Days I punched
Days I hit
Days I'd much rather just forget
Cause things
Can't get much worse
Sometimes depression creeps up
And I want to burst
Yeah it hurts
Although it won't stop
Feels like I should, but I'm not
Cause i'm not goin out like that.
Its not the way I wanna go.

Days I laughed
Days I whelped
Days I slept, but it still don't help.
Maybe I was meant to leave
That's what it points to
But still I can't believe,
That I was here,
To committee suicide
Cause I know right now,
That I really don't want to die
I really wanna stay alive
Why must people die
It just doesn't seem to right.

Some days just seem to be same
Most days are always pretty lame
Why am I always filled with so much shame
No one but myself to blame cause I
Can chose my days just like anyone of you!
One day I can laugh
Then the next day i can be threw
Sometimes life seems to pass by
I just don't now why
I keep catchin up with it
Everything and all this shit
I hate to think about things
Things that make hurt inside
I don't want to kill myself, but really i wanna die
Is there some way I can escape this LIFE.
Will you trade me lives,
So no one will half to die.