Facts About Sex.

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Confused about condoms? Perplexed by vibrators? This simple guide should help to answer your questions.

What is anal sex?

Anal sex is the act by which a penis is inserted into the partners anus (bum). The anus is not designed for penetration and does not produce its own lubrication so make sure you use super strong condoms (don’t double up condoms though as that actually INCREASES the risk of breakage) and plenty of KY-Jelly or a different water based lubricant. The area is meant as an out hole really and lubricants must be used as the walls tear easily. Same sex couples gay/lesbian engage by using devices sold at adult novelty stores.

What is fingering?

Fingering is where your partner massages your clitoris/vaginal area with their fingers and this is often very pleasurable. This activity requires a lot of communication as this area is very sensitive. This is not finger “fucking” (going in and out of the vaginal hole with your fingers)

What is a blow job?

A blow job (fellatio – the technical term) is where you use your mouth to pleasure your boyfriend. Ignore the name of it, if you were to blow down your boyfriends penis this could cause a very painful air bubble inside him which could damage him! This usually involves sucking, saliva and lots of tongue work. You can catch sexually transmitted diseases and so always remember to use flavored condoms for your own protection.

What is “going down”?

“Going down” is where you use your mouth to pleasure your girlfriend. The technical term is “cunnilingus”, or oral sex.

What is virginity?

Being a virgin means you haven’t yet had sex. Losing your virginity is a very personal thing. Basically, if you’ve had penetrative (penis + vagina) sex then you have lost your virginity.

What is Penetrative Sex?

Penetrative sex is where the penis penetrates the vagina, usually repeatedly, in order to cause pleasure to the female, and in most cases, it does!

What is an orgasm?

An orgasm is the explosive feeling you get during (successful) sex/masturbation/oral sex. Your body usually feels more jerky and you sweat more, might feel like screaming and its generally very pleasant indeed. 🙂 Girls typically don’t reach orgasm by way of sex, more so by direct stimulation of the clitoris or oral sex.

What is contraception?

Contraception is explained in a fellow article “Myths People Use To Get Sex & Information On Contraception (Protection).” but its basically the devices you use to prevent pregnancies and diseases. It is designed to “protect” you.

What does being bi-sexual mean?

Being bi-sexual means you are attracted to members of both sexes.

What does being gay mean?

Being gay applies to both men and women, but more commonly to men for this terminology. Gay means that you are attracted to just members of your own sex.

What is a lesbian?

A lesbian is a woman who is attracted to other women and not men. This can also be termed “gay” though.

What is an STD?

An STD is a Sexually Transmitted Disease. You can catch these from unprotected oral or penetrative sex. So always use condoms if you are unsure of your partners sexual history.

What is a sex toy?

Sex toys come in all different shapes and sizes! You can buy them from sex shops, online, or through mail order catalogues. They are designed with pleasure and orgasms in mind. A vibrator for instance is a penis-shaped plastic/rubber toy which vibrates and feels quite pleasant held against your clitoris or inside your vagina. Males also can use vibrators on the shaft of their penis or for the more adventurous type, anally to stimulate the prostate gland.

What is a penis?

The penis is the male organ used during sex and for urinating. The penis releases sperm and urine.

What is the prostate gland?

The prostate is an organ located beneath the male bladder in front of the rectum, which produces one of the fluid components of semen.

What is a vagina?

The vagina is the middle hole in the girls genital area. From front to back you have the: urethra (pee hole), the vagina and then the anus (bum hole). The vagina is where the penis goes during penetrative sex. The vagina is made of stretchy skin, which can expand and contract as the need desires. Do not worry about being too “tight” or “loose” as the vagina will accommodate almost every penis size! The vagina is also known as the “birth canal” as this is where babies come out of.

How come urine does not come out when sperm is supposed to, and vice versa?

The male reproductive system and whoever created man must have thought “why have two, when you can have a little gadget inside to control it?” so they put in the Prostate Gland. The prostate gland is situated between the testes and the urinary tract and controls whether sperm or urine is released. The bladder is not connected to the testes in any way.

Can you get pregnant from using the same toilet seat as a man?

No you cannot. Sperm is not released when a man urinates and so it is perfectly OK to use it after them.

What is man’s sex or woman’s sex?

The man’s sex is penetrative sex, so called because men are more likely to have an orgasm (climax) from this. Women’s sex is oral sex and women are more likely to have an orgasm from that.

What is masturbation?

Masturbation is explained in the article “Masturbation – Sex For One.” It is basically sex for one, self pleasuring, or having orgasms by yourself.

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