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Getting STD’s Is Much Easier Than You Think.

by | Apr 24, 2004 | Sex, Sexuality & Pregnancy

I thought that it would be a good idea to show you what really goes on that most seem to just ignore, because they think “Oh, it can’t happen to me“. Most people realy don’t realize how easy it is to get STD’s from having unprotected sex! This article was put together to simply prove it IS easier than you think to can get an STD.

Quote By: Lesbian Kisses
“Hmm, there was this guy Scott that came to the school I was going to in eighth grade that came up with AIDS. The guy was so sweet and nice. He always thought it couldn’t happen to him too so when he got in his late twenties or so he had sex with another guy (Yes gay people, and he was awesome too). So he ended up getting tested for it and it happened. So he decided after a while that he should go around to schools spreading word about it. It annoys me when people think “I’ll go have unprotected sex because it worked fine the first time so nothing will happen this time.”

Quote By: Lehcar1477
“I know of a lot of people who KNOWINGLY sleep around even though they have herpes. I know a few people with HIV as well. I never had an STD but I got pregnant twice before the age of 18.”

Quote By: mistical16
“I’m glad this topic was posted. I have an older female friend who is in her thirties with 5 children from the same guy. Her husband was the only guy she’s ever been with in her life. Then she got a divorce because he was an abusive husband and started hanging with a friend a lot and they became an item a few months later she found out she had the herpes virus. This was a guy she has known for years and trusted. I’m sorry my mind is all jumbled up right now so I’m not very good at typing in order but the point I’m trying to make it when you think it wont happen to you think twice and please always be careful”

Quote By: LaCombeCool
“I have HPV which is Genital Warts. Its sucks because rape is not something you come out of thinking you have an STD or might be having his baby. To the girls out there that think things can’t happen to them I have a message.. It can. Unprotected sex can bring you nothing but hell if you get an STD. The doctor bills are high if you don’t have insurance and the experience is horrible. I haven’t had an outbreak in about a year. I probably won’t have another outbreak. But the fact that there is that chance scares me.”

Quote By: Crazy Bird
“People who have unprotected sex are risking not only catching diseases that can cause infertility in women, but also getting pregnant.

I do admit I have had unprotected sex in the past and I am not very happy about it. The fact that I’ve recently had a pregnancy scare was totally awful plus the fact my boyfriend has been sleeping about terrified me. I’ve been tested for both pregnancy and STD’s and I am clear of both. Thank god.

My sister who has been with her fiancé for 4 years now have unprotected sex…well she caught chlamydia off him. He’d been straying and he wouldn’t have admitted until the doctors diagnosed her with that. She finally got rid of it though and I feel so sorry for her for having to go through that. Especially seen as she had been with him nearly 5 years and she thought he had never strayed and never would.

All I’m saying is you can’t trust anyone – except yourself. And sometimes you can’t even trust yourself. NEVER have unprotected sex. People may say “Yes but I’m a virgin, we don’t have to use condoms” or whatever. But do you fully trust them? They could just be lying.. anyone could be lying. There is no way to find out the truth and that is really scary and terrifying. Don’t trust anyone when it comes to having sex – ALWAYS be prepared and ALWAYS use contraception.

STD’s such as AIDS and chlamydia are out there and you CAN and WILL catch them if you aren’t careful. My sister was lucky by finding out she had chlamydia as early as she did because if she hadn’t it would have rotted her pelvis away and she wouldn’t have been able to have kids later in life. Think about it.

Do you want to be infected with a disease? Or how about getting pregnant? Sure having an abortion is easy – but how many abortions are you expecting to have in your life time?!!!!


Quote By: Abbi
“It really isn’t that easy to have an abortion. An abortion isn’t only killing your own baby, but it can risk your own life also. Don’t forget that it’s also illegal.” Remember guys – Safe sex is BETTER sex. Always use condoms!

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