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Humans have five senses; taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing – use them. When it comes to giving good head, you should be using at least three of these senses at any given time. Receiving a blowjob is a combination of physical and visual sensations. Many men find a seductive gaze from their partner while performing fellatio highly erotic. Draw on your ears; listen to your partner’s reactions as you touch various areas of his body. Listen to his breathing patterns as you work your way down towards his most prized possession. Feel him jump with anticipation as you softly caress various areas of his body.

Take your time! Many women think that the quicker they can make a guy come the better. Whilst it’s true that a fair percentage of men enjoy this approach, this is not the best way to give your guy a great orgasm. In actuality, it’s probably the worst way, but as I said a moment ago, some men do enjoy the quick and fast method. The longer that you can keep your partner sexually energized without allowing things to become unexciting, the deeper and harder his orgasm is likely to be.

A word to the guys here, be patient with your partner. Being able to give good head is very much a learnt talent and as such the more expressive you are when your receiving it the better the whole experience will be for both of you. Your partner wants to give you pleasure, help them by showing that’s is exactly what you are receiving. A moan or soft words of encouragement can go a long way when it comes to showing your partner what you like. If she hits a particularly sensitive area then don’t be afraid to tell her.

Lubrication, lubrication and again I say lubrication. I can’t stress how important that one word is when it comes to giving head. Makes sure your partner is well lubricated when you give head. Try this little test and you’ll see why lubrication makes so much difference. Take your finger and rub it with your hand, it might feel okay, but now put that finger in your mouth and cover it in saliva, now rub your hand across it. Feel the difference that saliva makes to the sensations you receive? Now imagine your finger is your partners cock and you’ll have some idea of why lubrication is so important for not only ensuring that your partner does not end up sore but also he has the most pleasurable experience you can give him. It’s a good idea to take a sip of a drink [non-alcoholic] before you start, as this will naturally make your mouth moist.

Another way to add lubrication is to use a shop brought lubrication of some kind. Remember you are going to be putting this in your mouth, so make sure you choose an edible one that is specifically made for the purpose. They also have the advantage of making your partner’s taste more to your liking if this is something that worries you, as they come in a huge variety of flavors.

Use your hands as well as your mouth. Yes, this is oral sex we are talking about here, but using your hands as well can only add to your experience. Why limit yourself to just using your mouth, tongue, and lips to provide him with pleasure? Your hands can be used in multiple ways and we’ll look at specific techniques a little later.

Be Safe: Whether you choose to use condoms when giving oral is a personal choice. It is worth noting however, that brushing your teeth before giving a blowjob is probably not a good idea. This is because the brushing action leaves tiny cuts in your mouth, and although they heal in minutes, it’s something worth considering.

That has covered the basics, and these points are all worth remembering if you want to give or receive mind blowing fellatio.

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