Science Midterm

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Science Midterm

Post by sweethelp »

:( i have my midterm tomorrow! and one part is on using a microscope! i have no clue how to use one and i had no time to get help! PLEASE HELP ITS IMPORTANT!!!!!!! PLEASE
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Re: Science Midterm

Post by iHEAVENn »

hmm well i dont know how either so the best i can do is wish you the best of luck so good luck :) :) you can do it
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Re: Science Midterm

Post by xxwhereisfredxx »

i know how to use one... its really EASY

uhmm all you do is LOOK INTO IT, then if its blurry focus it with the little knobs on the sides that move it up or down. Dont forget to turn the light on first!!!!! GOOD LUCK
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Re: Science Midterm

Post by DreamPixie »

weeee i found my bio notebook from freshman year! mwahaha!

Steps for using microscope:

1) Always carry with 2 hands, one under base, one on arm.

2) Put the smallest objective lense over the slide opening and use the coarse adjustment knob to move the stage [the part the slide is on] as far away from the lens as possible.

3) Adjust the light source and diaphragm to allow the most light possible to pass through the slide. Open the diaphragm as far as possible.

4) Looking through the eyepiece, use the coarse adjustment knob to focus on the object.

5) The slide appears to move in the opposite direction because images are reversed and upside down in a microscope.

6) To focus on high power [meaning when you are using the biggest lense], move the body tybe and stage as far apart as possible, switch lenses, and adjust from the side. Only use fine adjustment. [This step is to make sure you don't break a slide.]

7) Always put the microscope away on low power.

I hope that made sense and helps [whereisfreds are just as good tho haha, i'm a dork]. I also have notes on what the pieces of the microscope are if you need to know that for your exam. Good luck. =0)
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