How To Make A Family Listen To Your Thoughts And Feelings?

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How To Make A Family Listen To Your Thoughts And Feelings?

Post by rayne2014 » Fri Jun 22, 2012 9:32 pm

I will be 17 in less than a month and for the past several years there has been a lot of complication in my family and I don't know how to handle the situation. On Feb. 5, 2008 my uncle was killed in a tragic accident. He was killed by a tornado. He was flown over 300ft and landed upside down in a tree. Several months after his death my mom and dad got into another huge fight and then a day after that they told me they were getting a divorce. My heart sank because i had just lost a uncle and now i was losing my dad. They divorced. My dad would not call me or have any contact with me what so over, but when he did he would always yell and call me names and tell me how i wasn't his daughter. I blew it off as he was drunk, because he drank all the time before the divorce. My mom started going out every night with guys and bringing them home. I knew what she was doing, but i never confronted her. Then my dad would not stop calling me and cussing me out for no apparent reason and he was doing the same with mom so my mom took him to court for harassment. I was had to get on the stand and tell the judge what was happening. My dad hated me for that but it was the only way to make the calls of anger from him to stop. A year or so later my mom met a good guy and moved to Texas with my sister while I stayed in MS to live with my grandma. I reconnected with my father and i thought everything was going good. I had noticed some changes in my grandma's health that she was getting sicker and started forgetting simple tasks but i just thought it was from her taking on a teenager. One morning I got up to go to school and she didn't know who i was or where i was going. I knew something wrong but i went to school and from that day one it only got worse and everyday when i was at school i worried about if she was okay. I took on all the responsibility around the house from cleaning the house to major yard work. I was doing it all and still having to watch her and go to school. I was becoming physically drained and i didn't have much energy. My health began to go down hill. I decided to call my mom one morning and tell her everything and that she needed to come home until i got out for summer break and then i told her that we needed to move to TX with her. I was breaking in every way possible. I told my dad and his anger came out again. He has called me every name in the book and i feel like he should have just told me to go and die in a ditch somewhere. The move was exhausting. My dad has told me i am nothing to him and that i never will be his daughter again. He tells me that i will accomplish nothing in life. I am determined to prove him wrong. Now living in TX it is more difficult than ever. My mom spends most of her time with her boyfriend and I never really see her. I feel isolated from my family and like whatever i say means nothing. My step dad demands me to do things even though i do the majority of the work around this house. He threatens that he is allowed to come into my room to wake me up. Which i think is wrong because he is not related to me and he shouldn't come into a teenage girl's room. My mom will not listen to me and to the things that i have tried to tell her about him. I think she feels that he gives her everything she needs in a romantic way but to me he is cheating on her because of the websites he goes to. Which most are dating websites he doesn't realize that i am good at computers and can see everything he does. I feel like this not a home but a place where i am drowning and have no say in what happens. I am very scared of my step dad because he wants it his way or its the highway and he yells a lot. He has never put his hands on me but his yelling scares me to death. I don't know how to express what i am feeling. I don't know how to make my mom understand from my point of view what happens when she is not here. I don't know how to make my father understand my feeling towards him for leaving, not having contact with me, and everything else he has done. I don't know how to make a drunk person like my father listen to me. How do i get my family back halfway? How do i make them understand what i feel and how their actions are hurting me? What do i need to do? I will do anything to make this pain i feel go away and to get my family to listen to me. Please help me. Please. Please. Please. Please.

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Re: How To Make A Family Listen To Your Thoughts And Feelings?

Post by anisa_18 » Sun Sep 18, 2016 2:15 pm

you've definitely been through a lot for a 17 year old, I see how your kinda stuck on asking for help with literally everyone close to you not helping in any way whatsoever. I could say try and talk to your mum but as iv read you've ordy tried that and talking to your dad is pointless as he is so rude to you. I can just say if your not comfortable in your environment you definilty have to move you shouldn't be made to feel like this specially the way your step dad behaves with you its wrong. Try and find some place elsewhere.

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