My parents said I am a disgrace and thinks I am brainwashed.

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My parents said I am a disgrace and thinks I am brainwashed.

Post by Levurmion » Sat Sep 19, 2015 2:06 pm

I am not like other guys. Where guys in my school love sports and let their scores menstruate, I do the opposite. I love sciences and maths and excel in them but I also dislike massive social events. I am not a sociopath, I am just an introvert. I do not like being in noisy environments.

Because of this, my parents told me that they believe I am brainwashed by the internet...(?) Now they are trying to cut my access from the internet. Because I am an atheist, they are also paranoid of me possibly joining the ISIS...(?)

Then there's my father. He told me that my ambition of becoming a Physicist/Engineer is not worth his money. The fact that my job might not even cover the money he spent to send me to university makes him think that he is doing a bad investment. His mindset circulates around money.

My philosophy however is to live a simple life but with an immense contribution. Watching others experiencing happiness to me is priceless. That is why I want to be an Physicist/Engineer. I want to carve a better future for everyone or at least contribute in carving it. I want to contribute in human advancement.

Just a man, his friends and his job, working to create a better world. :)

My dad however, wants me to own my own company and make bajillions of dollars. To him, that is the only "good investment". He couldn't understand my philosophy. He said that in real life my ambition is a mere goodnight dream. He called me childish. He kept insisting that life is all about money whereas it really is not.

How can I explain to him about my position? I am starting to hate him.

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Re: My parents said I am a disgrace and thinks I am brainwashed.

Post by Bell126005 » Wed Sep 23, 2015 12:01 am

Hi there~

Sorry to hear that your dad doesn't understand.
Although I don't experience these pressures in my own home, I know my close friend belongs to an extremely religious family whose entire philosophy on life includes her getting a medical degree and marrying a man from a reputable family and raising lots and lots of money. But all she wants is to be a schoolteacher. She wants to work with young minds and teach young kids because it brings her joy and she has a passion for teaching children new things. Her parents do not understand this, and it doesn't help that she also is disconnected from the religion that their familial as well as lifestyle views are tethered to.
If you want my exact opinion, however, I think that you should just stop caring about what your dad thinks if he's never going to accept that you want to be an engineer. I think it's lovely that you want to pursue this, and I understand your case (as I'm sure others in your life do), but your father may have his own reasons and experiences that have led him to believe that you can't get by with a career choice like that. I'm not saying that you should hate him because that wouldn't do any good, but if he won't change his mind, I recommend you agree to disagree, respect that he believes what he wants, and move on living your life the way you choose to.
If money or the internet problem is the reason you want to smooth things over with your dad, I really don't think you should compromise your own personal values or stress over it any longer than is really necessary. It is strange how parents can get so paranoid about the internet, though. Unfortunately, that as well as a lot of the things your dad insists on will most likely not go away anytime soon. You can support yourself and build this life of yours on your own; it's not the end of the world if your dad happens to be a huge dick about it. All dads can get that way at some point.
Hope this helps,

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Re: My parents said I am a disgrace and thinks I am brainwashed.

Post by notfallinginmotion » Sun Nov 15, 2015 3:30 am

Hey dude I semi understand you, I am the unwanted daughter at my house. I only get to her the praise of my older sister, I can't even remember the last time one of them was able to hold a conversation with me for more than twenty minutes without it leading into a fight, or my sister's name being brought up. I myself am also atheist, and I am forced to church every Sunday morning and every Sunday night for a stupid youth program. I totally understand what it is like to have parents that just want a society "normal" child. I think it is cool you like math and science! I suck at math and science, and so do a lot of other people, or they are lazy and don't wanna put in the work. Henceforth, people that are good at science and math stuff are needed in this world! You have my full support dude. Your parents should love you because of your creativity, and ideas to improve the world with logic. They shouldn't be shunning you because you can't hit, run with, kick, guard, a freaking ball, because seriously anyone can do it once they get enough practice. I completely support you and your choices. Unless you have decided to join ISIS. Why do your parents think you will freaking join ISIS?!
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