A Battle Within

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A Battle Within

Post by Adnama » Wed Feb 19, 2003 9:41 pm

The white knight,

Shining armor,

Sword of justice,

Life and happiness incarnate

The black knight,

A worthy adversary is he,

Wanting only to destroy,

Naught but misery and death dose he bring.

The meet to dual,

White to protect,

Black to destroy,

Ready to do battle.

Swords whirl,

Never ceasing,

Whistling a song of death,

only pain brining,

An arc of steel flashing,

Around in the dance of death,

Never were two more evenly matched.

The fight draws on,

Never tiring,

Always coming back,

Never down for long.

White, black,

Light, dark,

Good, bad,

Life, death.

Both cannot win,

Both cannot lose,

One will take glory,

One will walk away in shame,

One can give life,

One can give death,

Once and for all decided,

In a battle never ending.

White, black,

Light, dark,

Good, bad,

Life, death

Battle draws on,

Duelers slowly tier,

Only one will stand,

And one will fall.

Swords whistle sharply their song,

Flashing arks locked in the dance before death?s door,

But all songs have a last note,

All dances a last step.

The final note,

The last beat,

Steel whirls,

Blood flows,

A knife falls,

A soul gone,

The dark knight within standing triumphant.
"It's just not the same when you're staring into a perfect golden sunset,

And thinking about how you sold your soul to send the rain away"

-Mineral "Slower"

"And the very fear that makes you want to die

Is just the same as what keeps you alive..."

-Barenaked Ladies, "War on drugs"

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