Who Am I? [maybe Triggereing]

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Who Am I? [maybe Triggereing]

Post by sbloemeke » Sat May 13, 2006 10:40 am

I wrote this down last night when I was struggling to contain my DID, and after looking at it, saw how strange my life is when I go through those phases. This is something you can rarely find, because it was written by 2 personalities in the same body. :) I guess it's a kind of a song, if you can put a tune together with it.

Who am I?

-Steven Bloemeke

Am I the wind, racing through the breezes,

Or the rain, coming down from the sky...

Am I the the sun which warms us all?

Or the sun which burns and turns us dry?

Am I the bird, set on eagle's wings,

Soaring up to the stars,

Or the mice scattered far below,

Awaiting for death and scars?

Am I the day, warm and bright,

Letting us be alive,

Or am I the night, darkness is right!

Through this empty dive.

Is it the lemon, which sits in my hand,

Which will turn me sour,

Or is it the drink, from which we enjoy!

Drinking from every hour.

Morning has come, morning has gone,

The sun passing through,

One question remains, still waiting for name!

I am me. Who are you?

Am I the tree, standing tall,

Blooming in Green and Pink?

Or am I the reed, moving free,

Looking for a suitable link?

Am I the stork, one foot alone,

Standing until the world ends?

Or am I the frog, inside the bog,

Looking to make ammends!

Who is the child within me?

Who is the child who cries,

What is happening! Why must I die!

Or face this pain of mine...

Who are the lives, bounded in two,

Each searching for lives anew,

Who is the pain! Who is the gain?

I am me. Who are you?

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