Untitled Poem

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Untitled Poem

Post by fallen_angel09 » Sun Jul 30, 2006 9:32 pm

Here and Ive reached the end of myself

trying to cling to whatever is left

Faith has been lost and I've forgotten how to hope

time has killed my ability to cope

There's nothing left of me

yet I continue to search

The moments alone are what killed my soul

now the moments alone are what keep me whole

I cant stand to be this damzel in distress

yet I have no way to send my sos

I'm told that the light will someday shine through

brighten the tunnel and expose the truth

But with the days, my hope has gone

these nights have grown too long

Yet I cling to the promise

that there willl come a dawn
Its acting so crazy that people think we're drunk

being so bored, we laugh untill we cry

Its inside jokes and remember whens

those are the reasons

We'll always be

BEST FRIENDS ~luv ya shawny, chels, brandon~

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