Loser, My First Poem In Awhile

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Loser, My First Poem In Awhile

Post by Barbies are Evil » Sat Aug 05, 2006 7:12 pm

What am i doing with my life?

Why am i still here?

This isn't right

I thought freedom was near

Am I just a big fake?

Still here when all i've wanted is out

So much for my brave face

So much for the lion, i'm just a mouse

What am I doing?

All i've wanted is to be winning

Yet i'm still losing

That really gets me thinking

I so lose

I Talk a big game

But I have yet to prove

i'm really lame

Truth is, i'm just a loser
TJ[10:13 PM]: no not really..... it's all so.... like wow..... screw steps, you took a fuckin jet pack and strapped it on yourself and rocketed your way forward (thats my big bro)

And I'm going to extremes

Tomorrow I will change

And today won't mean a thing

I'm a bitch, I'm a tease

I'm a goddess on my knees

When you hurt, when you suffer

I'm your angel undercover

I've been numb, I'm revived

Can't say I'm not alive

You know I wouldn't want it any other way

Meredith Brooks-Bitch

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