On the Playground

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On the Playground

Post by anonymous08 » Sun Jun 24, 2007 11:59 pm

At a children's park in the living quarters

A plastic slide, a swingset

Lowered slightly in the ground

Hodge-podge of red and black squares

The baby's feet dangle above, held up to stand by her mother

Laughs as her baby giggles, slaps a yellow ball back to her son

He runs to follow mother-and-sister to the swing

Lazily bouncing bright yellow treasure

Eagerly following, always returning to mother while stealing a careful glance at me

Something to offer him, to come say hello, other than a small coin

In my mixed traveler's bag I have nothing

Move nearer to illustrate, capture, preserve in words

Although in a new, babbling, false language

None of the form, art, sincerity, full of meaning

But should he surely read and acknowledge the thought

A poem instead of a piece of candy
You couldn't be suicidal if your life depended on it.

there i go again, pretending that i'll fall

don't call the doctors!

they've seen it all before

they'll say just let her crash and burn

she'll learn

the attention just encourages her.

- Dresden Dolls "Girl Anachronism"

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