my friend *si*

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my friend *si*

Post by anonymous08 » Wed Jul 25, 2007 9:53 pm

my friend on the table

shining silver

i haven't seen you in a while

not sure why you're there

my friend on the table


i'll talk to you a while

reminded of the familiarity you bring

my friend on the table

longing to see you

but i know i'll have to ignore you for a while

until i can be strong enough

my friend on the table

part of me misses you

you know i needed you for a while

but i don't think that time is now

my friend on the table

there's a dark side

and i forgot because i've been out of the darkness for a while

but it's easy to see now

my friend on the table

as much as i want

i will think of you only for a while

because you aren't really my friend anymore.
You couldn't be suicidal if your life depended on it.

there i go again, pretending that i'll fall

don't call the doctors!

they've seen it all before

they'll say just let her crash and burn

she'll learn

the attention just encourages her.

- Dresden Dolls "Girl Anachronism"

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Re: my friend *si*

Post by Lostinhersong » Fri Jul 27, 2007 12:13 am

-applauds- I enjoyed this. A way out, a supposed 'friend'...I battled my supposed 'friend' as well. You'll beat it...I have faith in you.
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Me: HEY! I was wearing those!

Brittni: My pants...I therefore have the right to revoke your right of wearing them. I just acted upon my right, and flattened your right...

Me: Yeah...You're right.

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Re: my friend *si*

Post by munchkinprince » Fri Jul 27, 2007 12:49 am

it sounds like you shouldn't call your friend a friend anymore.
Jesus loves you! Even if I think you suck!

Have a great day and a fantastic tomorrow!

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