I haven't written in a long time....

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I haven't written in a long time....

Post by sweethelp » Wed Feb 13, 2008 1:31 am

I really have not written in a very long time and this just came to mind so here it goes....

Haunt Me

The feeling

Of your body

Stays with me

It haunts me

I want you here right now

I want to feel your

Chest move

Up and down

While I rest my head

Over your heart

Your hand

In my hand

Your thumb

Rubbing my thumb

Falling asleep

In your arms

Seeing how much you care

In your eyes

You look at me

And it pierces

Through my heart

I can't breathe

Without that anymore

I want it now

It's my drug

It's my haunting

Your body

Your heart

Won't stop

Haunting me

I can't get rid

Of this sensation

From where you touched me

You're haunting me

Yet for once

I don't want it to stop

Please come and

Haunt me


Okay let me know what you think. But again please be gentle I really have not written in a very long time but I couldn't suppress the urge to write anymore so there it is.

She's so big hearted

but not so remarkable

just an ordinary humble girl

expecting nothing as we may

to think it's a pretty person's worth

you are beautiful

and you'd better go show it

so go and look again

you gotta be true only if you really wanna go to the top and you really wanna win

don't believe in living normal

just to satisfy demand

Well, if you wanna get free

and if wanna get smart by the sake of your heart

you should own your lame and stand up tall


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