"Can't Sleep"

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"Can't Sleep"

Post by 4herdestiny » Wed Apr 30, 2008 7:38 pm

Tossin', turnin'

Words, thoughts, images burnin'

In my brain

I can't maintain a since of peace to keep me sane.

I can't look left

My mind ain't right

Don't wanna be blind

But life ain't a pretty sight

Heart broken and you

can see that with words unspoken.

Bored with it but keep on pushin'

My own soulful mourning got me a lil shookin'

Faith is peepin' in hard and heavy

Be steady cuz you never know when you'll be ready

Random acts of kindness, no need to fight

Maybe then, with a clean slate I can sleep at night.

Tryin' to think slow cuz my mind wanna race

Don't need a nine to shoot this random freestyle in place

I'm not blinded by the rich and infamous stars

I'm blinded by those who shine with the most meaningful bars

You know what I mean, can't help if you don't

Can't feed into the haters, some will but I won't

They make me sick like the fact I can't rest my mind

Future ahead, past behind

Yeah it still comes to haunt me but the past I can't fear

Got my eyes past the wicked and I'm seein' wine-glass clear.

Til' I reach my promised land, gotta handle my biz

Can't explain no more, it is what it is

How much is too much if too much is

never enough?

Don't expect things or people to be easy

when you said you like it rough

Don't project the life you say you live

and try to live another

Don't stab ya friend in the back then

turn around and call them brother

Don't be shallow and say your soul is deep

Cuz only negative vibes will that same soul reap

Paradise is waiting, I don't mean Miami Beach

We all can make it there, but remember, practice what you preach...
"Failure" :o.......:huh:...uhhhhhhhhh:eek:....nope thats not an option!;)

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Re: "Can't Sleep"

Post by missy177 » Mon Jun 02, 2008 1:05 pm

I loved that peom soooooo much very nice job. Do you write well you should if you do not I think you are good. I write as well just not peoms. ha ha ha ha

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