Depression: The Beast Within

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Depression: The Beast Within

Post by Eowyn » Tue Jun 01, 2010 5:11 pm

Ok, I haven't written a poem in a very long time but Im real far down today and gave it a shot...please let me know what you think...

Its hard to tell youre breathing

when youre far too numb to feel.

How can you tell your heart is beating,

When you don't know what is real?

A darkness comes upon you

from far and out of sight,

it knocks the breath out of you;

just to weak to fight.

From one high, to another;

one low to the next,

its vicious like a cancer

makes you weaker, the worse it gets.

Your lungs feel hard and heavy;

stomaches' about to drop...

try and hold onto something

when nothings all youve got.

Friends all seem like strangers,

keep your family in the dark...

do anything to hide this-

the fact that youre falling apart.

Weeks seem long and listless,

as days run into night.

Don't know if you'll get through this

or if youll be alright.

The winds within are whipping,

as the lightning strikes your brain;

emotions running wild,

tears pouring out like rain.

It's darkest before the calm;

and calmest before the storm.

Confusion makes you dizzy,

theres no where else to turn.

You know there are people out there,

who care and want to help...

But with this demon in you,

its hard to just reach out.

This facade you have is failing,

they know youre smile's fake,

it slowly starts to beat you,

with every step you take.

And when you've reached your lowest

and you think you want to die-

I promise,

So please, don't even try.

I've been there far to often,

and tried too many times.

And trust me, there're better options,

then to leave your life behind.

So when you're feeling lonely,

and youre at your lowest low

remember, it will get better,

you've still got years to go.

I made it through a month,

a year, and then a few-

and trust me, if I can do it,

then you can beat it too...

 least for now.
Love is you

........ You and me

...............Love is knowing

...............................we can be

<3 Matthew McNeal<3


.oO sHeLlY Oo.

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Re: Depression: The Beast Within

Post by Baby.doll.93 » Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:06 am

Wow, your poem is so good. I really liked it.

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