Conflicted (Song)

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Conflicted (Song)

Post by Baby.doll.93 » Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:32 am

Alright, so I wrote this song on my brothers birthday. It's about my ex boyfriend, who I thought I was going to meet one day (Because we had a long long long distance relationship, he lives on the west coast and I live on the east coast) He never treated me badly, he was as sweet as could be and he said he loved me. We broke up shortly after my birthday after starting to date on May 19th.. And then just recently he started dating someone else. All I could do was be a bitch to him because I didn't know what other way to react to it, because it hurt me so bad. So after a couple of days I told him, I couldn't do this, I needed to move on. And you know, if it's really meant to be then it will happen. We both believe that. So anyways, this is kind of my "Letting go" song. Sorry for the long intro, I just needed to get it out.


Verse 1:

I don’t want us to end like this,

Like how it seems we’re ending,

Don’t wanna fall out of love with you,

That’s not how this story is supposed to go,

But to think the next chapter puts you,

In another girls arms,

Make me hurt deep inside,

I wonder if I belong in this book of us anymore.


My mind is conflicted,

‘Cause it knows the right kind of love,

Is the kind that lets go,

But my heart is conflicted,

Because I loved you too much,

Just to let you walk away from this,

From me. From us.

(pause) –breathes-

I’m too conflicted baby.

Verse 2:

I don’t want this to ruin our love,

But it seems like it is,

Don’t wanna be without your love,

It keeps me from losing control of myself,

But thinking about how I might be losing you,

Makes me go crazy baby,

I just want you back me,

I wonder if I should’ve never told you I loved you.



All our memories fill my head,

Almost as fast as these tears fall from my eyes,

Thinking about everything we’ve been through,

Like the time we stayed up all night talking,

Oh, how I miss that,

But now I’ve been replaced,

Only now she can give you everything,

That I always wanted to.



This love was real,

This love was right,

I really hope I don’t lose you tonight,

‘Cause everything I ever said,

I meant,

I gave you all my love,

Please don’t throw it away,

I couldn’t have loved you any better,

I tried to keep you with me,

I’m sorry I couldn’t keep you,

I’m so sorry.

I’ll always love you.


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