The Haunting Of My Memory *possibly Triggering*

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The Haunting Of My Memory *possibly Triggering*

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Here's a poem I just wrote today.

Hearing the cries through the night

I lie awake in this nightmare

Here in my mind,

It is always dark

But still yet I must know

They are coming back

Like they always do

The haunting of my memory

It is all coming back now

I can see

And fill a dream

But no one cares about me

The sad caress of whispers

Echo in this nightmare

They all will die in the end

But for now I break

And they tear at me

Through my walls

They'll return yet again

The haunting of my memory

A dream I had long ago

Where I die

And no one cares

But I cannot act on that

The cries grow

And near my mind as I try

To let go of this pain in my head

They still near to me

And fill my night with terror

The haunting of my memory

And I scream this nightmare again

It will be

My death tonight

But I still do not want to die

Carry me away tonight

For I'm so close

To my breaking point
Have fun in life... listen to heavy metal! :D
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