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My Poems

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I might rap them someday cuz I think I am pretty good at it

This is it:

This is it

I've let you stomp on me

Now this is what I've come to be

The only person holding the key

The key to my freedom from this hell

Does not exist

I need to break out

Out of this dump

Out of this slump

Over this hump

So here here I go

This is it



I wouldn't explain it that way

Two sides fighting is war

It does not take two to start a fight

Only one

One bully who decides to take over

This is not war

War is two sides fighting

Not one fighting 

One defending

I need defense

This is not war

It is a massacre



They are not fiction

Monsters are all i see

All around me

They don't need scales

They don't need sharp teeth

They are here

Sitting in front of me


All they know is my name

Nothing more

They judge without any right

If only

They could just hear themselves

If they could just look in the mirror

They would see a monster


What makes you think this is okay

To scar me

Then try and bury the hatchet

Don't call me a baby when I say no

You didn't go through the pain

You hit me like it was normal

Like it was okay 

How do you feel now

Rotting in that jail cell

I told you I was done

Done with your shit

I was

I am

I'm gone

Never to return



A never ending puzzle

No guide

To guide me through

It's only me, myself, and I

I don't care about you

I don't care what you think

I don't care what you do

Why should I

I've helped you before

You never helped me back

So now when you get attacked

I turn my back

Good things happen to good people


What I lie

I barely got by

Being a goodie two shoes all my life

So now I turn and walk away

Keeping in mind

What life did to me

Shut up:

You call me fat

I lose weight

You call me ugly

I change my face

You call me poor

I get to the top

You call me stupid

Why don't you stop

I changed myself for your acceptance

Now I couldn't care less

What you think

What you say

Your acceptance means nothing to me

I should have punched you when I had the chance

But now I thank you

Now I am changed

I am rich

I am beautiful

And you

You can rot for all I care

And no

I wont shut up
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