A Problem I'm Struggling With

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Re: A Problem I'm Struggling With

Post by _ofunsoundmind » Fri Jul 22, 2005 6:22 pm

Originally posted by 5a5@Jul 13 2005, 12:26 AM

i get very upset when someone says that something they dont totally understand or are comfortable with is a sin, we dont cut because we're happy , we dont cut because we want to, we dont cut because we believe, we cut because of life, the same life that supposebly god made so beautiful and happy for us, so where's the logic in all that, when something we got from him makes us unhappy, we find ways to deal no shame in that, at least we choose life, plus forms of self harm were practiced hundreds years ago by deeply religious people , and if god chose to put pain in life then i dont think he'd have a problem with us dealing with it , we hurt ourselves not other people, that's a sacrifice not a sin



I wasn't sure who exactly you were directing that to, but in case it was at me I just thought I should explain myself...

I am a former self-injurer, so I do totally understand it. I know that people don't cut because they're happy/want to/any of that stuff. About hurting ourselves and not other people, well I can't say I agree with that. As you know, harming yourself effects you both physically and emotionally. It pains your close friends and family to see you in that situation. (I also know this because my best friend cuts, and it tears me up inside.)

I'm not trying to be argumentive at all, I just wanted to explain my situation a little better :)

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