Proof For God? Irrelevant?

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Re: Proof For God? Irrelevant?

Post by SirPostAlot » Fri Sep 30, 2005 9:29 pm

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Re: Proof For God? Irrelevant?

Post by Anna_Banana » Sat Oct 01, 2005 4:32 am

i also don't believe in god. i'm wiccan, and i have my beliefs while others have thiers. sometimes you dont need reason or proof to believe. i could make many things up that i've heard in church, but there are still questions. there are always going to be questions of him ever existing. you've got to believe in something to help you make it through life.

if you need to talk feel free to pm me anytime

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Re: Proof For God? Irrelevant?

Post by Tree Fingers » Mon Oct 03, 2005 1:59 pm

Originally posted by SirPostAlot+Sep 30 2005, 07:29 PM--


I am on your side...but you have to know that people do believe in things that they don't see...they believe in spirits that guide them...

personally i would define god as a mental being that some people choose to believe in to help comfort their decisions and to guide them through life...

To me he is like an imagionary friend - someone that is there to keep you company when you are alone in a room...

i don't believe in god so right now i am alone (unless you consiter my dog)...




This is for the sake of philosophy. I understand that people believe these things, but, again for the sake of philosophy, I want to define these things. Truly philosophize about them.

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