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Good and Evil

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2007 6:59 pm
by The Mutant Pixie
I was reading doing some research the other day, and came across this website it got me thinking. (for the refference having read the site and attached comments I have to say I disagree with Mr Pickover and most points) So who in your oppinions are the most evil and the most good people in the history (or today for that mater) in the world? And how do we define them do we, as sugested take into acount the amount of influence someone has, or simply the actions they take as an individual? Is someone good or bad for the thoughts they have, or just the action they take on those thoughts?

For my part I feel I have not the knowledge to comment on a lot of the points made (having just got a job in a book shop I'm working on that) but I will say that, for me, for someone to be good or evil they have to have made the world a better/worse place on a large scale, rather than a personal scale. For instance Mr Holmes, the man with the killer mansion at number 11 on the list, though undoubtably a troubled soul, has not afected society or culture in general. Whereas Gandhi through relatively simple actions, changed the world forever.

Any thoughts?


(Ps. I have tried to keep my opinions religion free, if Jesus is to be on my "good people" list then it will be for the way in which he has made people better to one another and improved the world through that, not for any spiritual doings. This is just my position on matters, feel free to disagree.)