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Posted: Fri May 08, 2009 2:23 pm
by CausticTears
Hello all,

From my experience, I have witnessed born-again Christians to be people with manipulative characteristics and close-minded individuals. Let me explain further, I have only met born-agains who have tried to change my views on God and make me believe what they believe.

My brother-in-law (he's 28 years old) recently got baptized to be Christian. Every time we see each other, he constantly tells me how God is great and praise the Lord and God almightly and Jesus this and Jesus that and that he's gonna pray for God to guide me into his direction, he wants to save me and such. And keep in mind, I was born and raised Jewish and have my own beliefs towards God. He does this to me, my sister, my parents, and anyone else..whether they be a stranger or someone he knows.

I absolutely cannot stand it. I have my own beliefs as does any other individual in the world. I strongly believe a belief of religion and spirtuality should be a private one and not something you have to push onto others.

Is anyone here Christian that can give me understand behind this? Or any comments towards this? I don't like having this grundge again my brother-in-law but it seemingly won't go away and I'm always angry around him when he brings this topic up. I mean I once got so tired of it, I took his hat off his head and hit him with it coninuously. lol

Re: Born-again?

Posted: Fri May 08, 2009 3:12 pm
by FranklinF
I am a christian, my husband is athiest, i have never once tried to convert him, though he is always going on about how wrong I am.

Tell you BIL that you respect his beliefs and ask him to respect yours, That his beliefs are good for him but you do not agree with them. tell him you no longer wish to discuss religion, unless it is a two way conversation and not a preaching session.

this usually works for me, but youll prolly have to remind him now and again that you arent into being converted.

and if all else fails tell you sister that you feel like he is attacking you with his religious beliefs, maybe she can get him to back down