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Post by depressedmoonchild » Mon Feb 13, 2006 9:39 pm

Chirstmas Eve 2003 my father was found in a ditch. He had been dead for over a month. They didn't do and autopsy because he was poor. The assumed he had a seizure and fell. He had walked away from a half way house and died. He used to be a engineer with a family and a house and he died with the clothes on his back. No one knew where he was but no one cared either. His ex got conserened when he didnt show up for money after a few weeks. She called the police. they found him less than a mile from the half way house. He lived in New Hampshire and I live in Texas. i havent seen him in years. everyone says that i should get over it. He wasnt part of my daily life so why should it effect me. but he was my dad!! i still miss him and care for him. i never got to say goodbye. i still cant get over never saying goodbye. im just depressed and sad. i dont know what to do. grr! i still want things to get better and us to be a family again... now that can never happen...
Blessings and hugs

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Re: Daddy

Post by Kit » Mon Feb 13, 2006 11:05 pm

I'm sorry hun...Some people use that excuse to make themselves feel better. Don't forget him, but don't dwell on him either. Live on...for him. I doubt he'd want you to be depressed - he'd want you to be happy that he's not suffering anymore. *hugs you* If you need to talk, I'm around.
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Re: Daddy

Post by faith » Wed Feb 15, 2006 5:50 pm

wow. i cant imagine. u have every right to miss him, be hurt, upset, etc etc. even angry. u have that right. u lost ur dad. u cant jusr shut off ur feelings. 1rst u need to deal with them and then after u get through that stage then its the stage of letting go. and to me it seems like u havent really dealt with it. but know that what ur feeling is normal. if u need to talk pm me or im online a lot.

take care

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God bless

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