It Feels Surreal

Have you experienced the pain of losing someone close to you? Do you grieve over the death of someone you knew? Here is a safe place to seek support.

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It Feels Surreal

Post by WhereDidMyLambGo » Thu Jun 15, 2006 2:43 am

The news was just confirmed about 10/15 minutes ago that a person who was in my grade and I had grew up around committed suicide a day or so ago, and that the funeral is monday. He dated my best friend for a year, was her first boyfriend and first kiss. He was just a regular person like you or I.

He had always been several depressed, and his parents always tried to help him in the best ways that they could. Alot of people, including myself, chose not to get along with him due to the way he was always so negative and just not friendly. The last time I talked to him was during a halloween party where I continously made the comment of how I hated both him, his sister and his family. Well, his sister and her friend found him the next morning.. and I can only imagine what they were feeling and what his family entirely is going through.

I hate to say that just one event can change the outlook of someone to a person, but I'm going through it. I feel bad for not being friendly to him and more open to talking to him. It's just continously shocking me that he is gone.. at the age of seventeen - they he missed out on the rest of his life, and that he felt like sucide was the answer. I think everyone has at ONE point or another thought about killing themself, but I think a very low percentage actually did so. I've thought about it, I won't lie... but I never came close because of my fear of leaving certain people behind.. and I feel like he felt like he didn't have anyone to make him stay. And the thought of what his soul could be going through right now baffels me.

I'm questioning on going or not. Like I said, I was never - even at one point or another - close to him. but I feel slightly obligated to go. I just needed to share [you don't go through it everyday].

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Re: It Feels Surreal

Post by sarahbeara » Fri Jun 16, 2006 1:18 am

if i were you i think id go to the funeral. it would give a sense of closure and a way or place to tell him through your mind that even if you dont miss him exactly, youre sorry that he was hurting so much. it would be a nice and fitting way to say goodbye. if you know what i mean. and ive thought about doing it too, but at this point, all that you can do is pay your respects, right? anyways, im really sorry that youre acquaintance killed himself, and im here to listen if you need someone. feel free to pm me.

love and luck

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Re: It Feels Surreal

Post by BittersweetSurrender » Mon Jun 19, 2006 1:38 pm

Suicides are tough, believe me, I know. I think you should definitely go to the funeral (though I may be too late by now ^_^). It's a way for you to let him know that you feel bad about not being the friendliest toward him. Going would be a good way to say that you're sorry and tell him goodbye.

You don't have to be close to a person to be greatly affected by his/her suicide. We're all here for you if you need to talk or vent. Good luck.

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