A Few New Sections To The Website

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A Few New Sections To The Website

Post by OverDrive » Sat Sep 25, 2004 1:39 pm


Dear HelpingTeens Users:</p

A while back we promised that we would create a better Frequently Asked Questions page. The time has come where we are now releasing the revamped Frequently Asked Questions that we promised. It should FULLY answer 99% of all of your questions about the site, the way it is run, and many things about the different sections of the website.</p

While working on this LARGE project, we decided that it would be best to make a 'one stop shop' or portal for questions and answers, rules, and other important information of the website. We called it the Website Help Section. This section can be accessed through the F.A.Q. blue button on the top global menu of the site. This section includes links to other parts of the site like Chat Rules, Chat Staff Rules, Support Groups Rules, Support Groups Staff Rules, Frequently Asked Questions, Terms of Service, Chat Help Files, and Support Groups Help Files.</p

This should help with all of our users becoming more familiar with our rules and other information about this website.</p

There have also been a couple of other things we have been working on in the last while.
  • A Donation page where you can donate to the HelpingTeens.org Growth Fund. If you need a reason to donate, there are many reasons listed on the Donation page.
  • A History page to explain the intricate history of this website (the major issues of the website).

Adam Marshall

HelpingTeens.org Owner

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I can't think of a better use of server resources... I really can't.

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