Thank You For Your Patience

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Thank You For Your Patience

Post by OverDrive » Fri Dec 17, 2004 5:12 pm

Over the last couple of days, we have killed 3 birds with one stone.

The first bird was that we had a massive spammer who spammed our boards for 5 hours with 2 or 3 usernames. The Supermoderator and Moderator did the best they could to rid the forums of the spam. In order to most completely eradicate the spam we had to revert to our backup that was done 17 minutes before the spammer first started to spam the Support Groups. We only lost 17 minutes worth of posts before the spammer and about 6 hours after the spammer started.

The spammer's accounts are no longer on the system as we reverted, nor are his posts. If you received email notifications within the last 3 days, you may ignore them as the database was restored to a point BEFORE the private messages were sent.

On the second bird, as you may have noticed our server was getting slower and slower. Our host was having hardware issues, and software issues. He finally said enough is enough and decided to migrate us to another platform that was even more stable, but required conversions of our files, mail, and settings. During this conversion the 3rd party scripts royally messed up the account on both the new server and the old server (the one that was live). I keep backups for this reason. We restored the site's contents to work live, however the damage was done too greatly such that it was not working 100% properly. Jonathan finally decided that since we were having so many problems, he would donate an entire Virtual Private Server to HelpingTeens. It was provisioned within the hour however they installed the wrong Operating System on it. They fixed it, and then we could not install our Control Panel (cPanel). We tried 4 - 20 times, both me and Jonathan to install it (which is 4 commands, and the rest is done automatically) but the servers that it was pulling the files and scripts off of was having issues. We finally got that fixed this morning by having the VPS host install an older version of the Operating System with cPanel already installed.

The third bird we took care of was we realized through all of this, we need to make more of a structure for our moderators in times where we get spammers and no administrators are present for a long while. This is something that will become top priority after this new server has been settled in.


Now, We are on a BLAZING FAST VPS server where WE ARE THE ONLY domain on this system. Our database of over 450 Megs was imported in LESS THAN 17 Minutes (unbelievably fast). This is where we stand.

I thank you for your patience in this matter, as it was more problematic than anticipated.
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