Database Reversion To 2005.02.14-12.00.00 Edt.

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Database Reversion To 2005.02.14-12.00.00 Edt.

Post by OverDrive » Wed Feb 16, 2005 9:34 pm

Over the past couple of days you must be wondering what has happened.

We migrated servers seemlessly to a new server, un-aware to you all, until something terrible happened and for some reason, some how, EVERY file on the server in our directory was wiped, but left all the directory struture in tact. We are still investigating this and we had to restore the files from our backups. Unfortunately, something seriously happened with our Support Groups database, and, as some of you noticed, minor things happened (posts became invisible that were visible moments before, some usernames changed and had characters added/removed, and more). When we tried making a dump (backup) of our database, the server chewed out errors about no memory and other errors. We were not able to backup our database in a manor that would keep database integrity.

Adam and Skye talked with our host John, and we decided to try a more distributed method of attack, for all the problems that have been happening since October of last year. We decided to move to another one of his hosting providers, DreamHost, who is co-sponsoring us now. On this new server, the website server and the database server are 2 physically separate servers with a high speed connection in between them (100Mbit). With this type of setup, the server load will be distributed between 2 physical machines, so things should run well.

Because we were unable to salvage the database from the server, we have had to revert to a database dated 2005.02.14 taken at 12.00.00 EDT.

We appologize for all the inconvenience caused and we are hoping this setup will solve our problems for the future.
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