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Post by Skye » Sun Mar 06, 2005 8:33 pm

Welcome to the heavily improved skin / theme. Over the past few months we have been using a temporary solution designed to give the Support Groups a semi-customized feel to them similar to the skin graciously developed and donated by Goof Muilwijk. Today, I am proud to announce that he has wrapped up the final version of the design and any inconsistencies and problems noticed throughout the skin should be ironed out at this point.

In the next week or so we will be adding many color flavors that you our users will be able to choose from and use the Support Groups as you see fit. We have long promised this but it was always seen as too much trouble to be worth it but things have changed with the new version of our Support Groups software and things are much easier now. We are no longer worried about the color flavors and as I said they finally are arriving.

You can expect to see the ubiquitous blue we have come to love, a few shades of green, gray, purple and pink for the insane ladies we have around here, a nice orange to get back in touch with our roots and pay tribute to one of the older more successful designs this site has had and many more. To switch your color preferences on our Support Groups please scroll all the way to the bottom of our Support Groups (on any page, doesn't have to be the index) and take note of the drop down boxes on the extreme left of the page footer. There you will see the skin selector. Just pick the one you want and click it. It's that simple.

We will also be adding a few select third party skins that have proven popular for those who just simply do not like change and we'll try to accommodate the few of you, provided these requests are within reason. Among those will be the default Invision Power Board skin and the extremely popular Borderline series of skins, which also happens to be designed by Goof Muilwijk at (a division of

Update: As of March 09, 2005 the Purple, Lavender, Pink, Orange, Red and Black color flavors have been added to the selection. There are more coming.

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