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Post by CanadaCraig » Fri Jul 08, 2005 3:14 pm

Hi Everyone!! Image

I hope you're OK.

If you're NOT - please keep reading!!

HelpingTeens has a LOT of members. Almost 4,000. Think about it. That's a LOT of people. To put that into perspective - if a typical classroom has 30 students - there would have to be 133 classrooms to equal the number of people who belong to HelpingTeens. Wow!! And with that many people - it's VERY likely that SOMEONE understands what YOU are going through.

A few nights ago - I saw a very interesting TV show. It was about people who suffer from a condition called 'Trichotillomania'. That's what a person HAS if they are a compulsive hair puller. Like many complusive behaviors - it's not very well known and can negatively effect the lives of those who suffer from it. Compulsive hair pulling is just what it sounds like. A person can not help but pull their hair. Sometimes they will pull hair from the top of their head and sometimes they will pull hair from other areas of their body. [like their eyebrows, eye lashes, face, arms, legs, etc.] And when I say 'pull' - I mean 'pull the hair OUT'. The complusion effects people of all ages. [some as young a 4 months old] It's thought to effect more females than males - but that's not necessarily true. [it's kinda hard to tell for sure] Suffering from 'Trich' [as most sufferer's call it] can cause many emotional and social problems. [just like most other compulsive behaviors] ONE of the biggest problems is having to deal with the acceptance of others. [or should I say - the LACK of acceptance] If THAT sounds familiar to YOU - believe me - you are NOT alone.

I promise you - with all of my heart - that no matter WHAT YOU may suffer from or feel compelled to DO [in spite of your best efforts to stop] YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There is no problem that YOU could possibly have that no one in the world doesn't understand. Many of us live our lives as though we are the ONLY ONE who suffers from OUR problem. But that's just not true. So please - if you decided to play it safe and live your life in the dark [so to speak] I encourage you to take advantage of the anonymity of HelpingTeens to share with US that part of YOU that YOU have always kept to yourself. It will be scary and you may be afraid of being rejected - but at least ONE HT member WILL accept you - no matter WHAT your 'secret' might be. And who is that one person? ME. But no doubt - I won't be the only one. HelpingTeen's has MANY surprisingly accepting and caring AND understanding members.

Don't imprison yourself. Don't hide away. Don't isolate yourself. Don't convince yourself that no one cares. And don't FOOL yourself into believing that no one ELSE could possibly ever understand you. [and what you are going through] Even though I myself do not suffer specifically from 'Trichotillomania' - that's OK. [that might not be your problem either] But I do suffer from other 'compulsive disorders' and because of that - I can relate to the non-stop emotional struggle of always trying to STOP and almost always failing to succeed. It's no fun - that's for sure.

Post a message. Tell us what YOU are struggling with. Allow US to welcome YOU to HelpingTeens with open arms. Allow us the opportunity to accept YOU just the way you are - problems and all. Maybe - together - we can help each other to become even better people.


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