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Yeah, well, alot of you already know me but i'm bored right now so....here goes. My name is Kevin but I prefer the name Tyoka. I'm a computer nerd as well as a nerd in general :rolleyes: think of me like the comic book man on The Simpsons. Except instead of memorizing Klingon, I memorized Elvish ^_^

In looks...I have brown hair and brown eyes, go me. My hair is shoulder length, and looks reasonably good i think. My friends girlfriend said I have child-like eyes, dunno if that's good or not. i'll try to be of more help than havoc here =] I guess there's nothing other to say, sorry in advance if I make any of you mad :rolleyes: my mom says I like starting arguments, something i do sub-conciously, as well as my spelling :D . Well, I guess I'll go now =] Namaarie
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This changes its damage to 7-15 and increases its range by 10.

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Re: Weela!

Post by iHEAVENn »

my mom says I like starting arguments, something i do sub-conciously
haha funny lolz

ah well welcome kevin, and im sure your not a nerd lolz.
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