Hide from the hurt

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Hide from the hurt

Post by BrokenSoulDreaming » Wed Jun 27, 2007 3:21 pm

Hide away from the memories

at your door.

Got drunk thinking they'd go away,

you stupid fool,

haven't you learned by now

that's what makes them worse.

Wish I could say so long.



But the words won't come.

The pathetic attempts are never enough.

Hey, your here now,

why not smile till you die.

You know your going to die soon anyway.

Trapped by memories,

wish this could disapear.

And someone asked me why i don't believe in love,

well isn't that obvious?

Love isn't real.

Doesn't exisit,

except at those times it wants to hurt you

till you say goodbye.

Farewell to the world

that hurt you till the end
Isn't something missing?

You won't cry for my absecnce i know you forgot me long ago am i that unimportant am i so insignificant.?isnt something missing isnt someone missing me?

I'm all alone.

Please please forgive me.

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