my Paintings!

Have you written a story? Even a poem? Post your artistic creations here!

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Barbies are Evil
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my Paintings!

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lets make this clear.......the ONLY reason they are on my friends photobucket, is cause my computer fails......they are 100 percent original Erin, and i have my artists signature on the back of ALL of them

Ryan "Vessol" Walsh says: ... ngfive.jpg

Ryan "Vessol" Walsh says: ... ngfour.jpg

Ryan "Vessol" Walsh says: ... ingone.jpg

Ryan "Vessol" Walsh says: ... ingsix.jpg

Ryan "Vessol" Walsh says: ... gthree.jpg

Ryan "Vessol" Walsh says: ... ingtwo.jpg
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Re: my Paintings!

Post by Jaegermeister »

Wow they're awesome! I love the second one.
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Re: my Paintings!

Post by Kit »

Polka Dots!!!!!!!
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Re: my Paintings!

Post by dancingirl »

aw wow Erin, they're all really good, and I love the second and last ones! love them all but they're my fave! good stuff! :)
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Re: my Paintings!

Post by Rivv »

those are pretty!
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Re: my Paintings!

Post by Trickmatic »

Uhhh Erin you pwn. I like two and three the bestest.
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