I Wish It Could Go Back To Normal.

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I Wish It Could Go Back To Normal.

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(All names have been changed including that of schools) I go to school at a rural secondary school called Countryside College. Nearby the school, about 11 miles there are two schools, one is an all boys school ALLBOYS College and one is an all girls school ALLGIRLS College. I used to go to primary school with a boy from ALLBOYS called Keane, I used to really fancy him, but now he's a bit of a "man-whore", we are still really good friends though. One Saturday night he was camping in my field with a few friends of mine. We were all drunk and he was high. Late on in the night, because I was so drunk I masturbated him and we snogged. I was mortified when I woke up the next day. I told one of my most trusted friends from ALLGIRLS about it, but I told her TO NOT TELL ANYONE as I was sure he wouldn't remember, but she told all her friends in ALLGIRLS and it got back to him. He definetley doesn't remember and thinks I'm a desperate liar, now he won't talk to me and is bad-mouthing me all over the two schools, ALLBOYS and ALLGIRLS. It's mortifying and I just want to die, but I really just want to be his mate again and let everything go back to normal, but I know if I was in his shoes I'd feel the same. He has a new girlfriend (they weren't going out when this happened) and I'm on my way to getting together with someone I get on really well with from Countryside, James. James knows about it, but he says he believes me as he wouldn't put something like that past Keane as they used to be best friends. I'm getting a dual reputation as a whore and a liar. Please help me. I just wish it would go back to normal. I'm only fourteen.
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Re: I Wish It Could Go Back To Normal.

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Honey this guy obviously doesnt care about you anymore and im sorry for that.Friends can be our worst enemies in life and you have to be careful with who you trust.I know you liked him and maybe at one point he did to but I would move on,a guy that spreads things like that and calls you a liar certainly doesn't deserve to be in you're life.Enjoy the moments you had together but don't forget the way he betrayed you when or if he comes back around.Im sorry this happened to you.
Stay strong and Hold onto hope
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