Please Give Me Your Opinions

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Please Give Me Your Opinions

Post by WammyChick »

Gonna be a half-cleverly humored, half-gutwrenching horror zombie series. Trying to make it almost controversially dark and scary while keeping a witty, B-movie esque air.

I think that the only thing that would potentially nip its possibility of ever having a following in the bud is one possible thing I considered adding to the plot: The male lead's love interest might be male (or, as I originally planned, he may not have one at all).

While I'm not trying to sell my own vision out for a shot at fame, that fact remains puzzling to me. With the rise of tolerence to homosexuality, why are there never any wildly popular gay series?

Without rudeness, theology, or mindless trolling, I would like to hear why you think this is.
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Re: Please Give Me Your Opinions

Post by sabzy »

Maybe because it's still not tolerated enough? Or those that do tolerate it are less likely to speak up than those that don't?

If there was some series, which opinions do you think are going to be the loudest, even if only a few people hold to those opinions? I think in my mind, those that are tolerant will just kinda keep quiet and get on with it... or at least I would.. Just my two cents
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