Is It Possible To Live Without Love?

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Is It Possible To Live Without Love?

Post by CaughtinMyHead »

I don't mean love for your family or friends, what I mean is, can you live without ever being with a significant partner or falling in love with someone? I'm not asking this because I don't think I can find love, it's really not that, but I don't think I can do it. I was diagnosed with oral herpes, I was extremely cautious with people and hadn't even kissed anyone before at the time so I really have no idea how or where I got it. I just have it... Ever since I found out I haven't kissed anyone and every time someone flirts with me I push it away as they can find someone better, safer. I feel like a walking contagious infection, I try to be positive and like who I am as a person and be confident, but deep down I know I'm disgusting. I know that the risk is lesser if you kiss or go down on someone when not on an outbreak, but I just can't risk anyone - it'd be unfair of me to do to someone. I couldn't enjoy kissing anyways, I'm too goddamn paranoid and worried for their safety! It's just not worth it, it's too hard be on a constant schedule of when I can and can't love someone - I just can't deal with it. I accidentally gave this too two people, it's very hard to not infect people, and I'll never forgive myself. I don't deserve life after what I've done and who will be next, what's the point in living anymore? I mean, I already had to give up on my dream of acting because you have to kiss people for certain roles, I have nothing left in life! I can't love anyone, my dreams are gone, and I'm constantly worried and paranoid and feeling guilty. I want to live and be happy, but suicide seems the only choice for me.

Seeing as I'm not going to be able to be with someone, is it possible to live a happy life without love? Could I try to be happy being a virgin and single the rest of my life?

(Want to know something funny too, one day I woke up feeling ten times better with myself. For two weeks I began loving myself and working hard, I had been depressed for a while and it was refreshing to feel confident and happy. I thought everything I was gonna work out for me and I could really do this. Then I found out I had oral herpes, I was never meant to love myself or be confident. If there's a God or force in the world then I got the message.)
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Re: Is It Possible To Live Without Love?

Post by WammyChick »

It's ALWAYS okay to live without love!! I'm actually asexual, myself. I don't feel attracted to men or women, and that's worked out fine for me..... Well, as fine as ANY alternate sexuality from heterosexuality can be! Though it's well worth the challenge and has actually made my life much simpler in the long run.

Anyway, you can ALWAYS be happy and confident, just as long as YOU love YOURSELF. It's fine to act, but make sure to notify your director of your condition ahead of time so that changes to the script can be made/body doubles can be hired/etc. And even if that doesn't work out, you can fnd another purpose! How about working with a herpes awareness group, to inspire people who have it, or a foundation to donate money towards a cure?

Also, if someone really loves you, they won't care what happens to them. They'll do anything to be with you. And if you absolutely refuse to accept the possibility of infecting them, then you may want to consider finding very close friends and trying to get closer to YOURSELF. Once you do, you may realize that to be happy in life, you're fine just being on your own. My logic? If people absolutely couldn't handle being without a mate, we'd all be born attached to one.
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Re: Is It Possible To Live Without Love?

Post by kirsi »

One day you might meet someone that you love and that loves you back and if they love you then they will take you as you are and they won't mind being in a relationship with you despite having herpes. It is possible that this could happen so don't completely give up. It is possible to go your entire life without being in a relationship with someone and still be reasonably happy. You will always have friends and family to support you and there is more to life then having a relationship and there are so many great things that you can enjoy on your own. Even still it is always nice to have someone to be with and if that's what you want then don't give up on it. Giving up will never make you feel any better. You just have keep moving forward the best you can and think positive!
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