Don't Stop Believin'

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Don't Stop Believin'

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<div>I made up a story to go with the song Don't Stop Believin'</div>
<div>I couldn't take it anymore. Living in a small town on a farm with my parents was tough living. So, at 22, i decided to run away. At midnight i got on a train. i didn't know where it was going but anywhere but home seemed like a good enough place at the time. </div>
<div>I fell asleep and when i woke up, i was in a place called Chicago. </div>
<div>I wandered around all day, just taking in the noises of this place.</div>
<div>I went to a club at night. It was one of those karaoke clubs. People were allowed to smoke in there.</div>
<div>I was sitting alone at a table when a boy sat down next to me. The second we locked eyes, i felt love. We smiled and laughed and talked all night. </div>
<div>He was also a runaway. He grew up in a place called Detroit. He said that he hated it there. That there were gangs and thieves and murderers. He couldn't take the fear anymore so he left home around midnight and boarded a random train.</div>
<div>The entire night was grand. We drank some wine. It was my first time drinking. However, the lady in the table next to us had this pungent cheap perfume on. </div>
<div>When we were done with the smelly bar, we went to a casino. We spent at least 200 dollars. When we were done, we had $300. We kept beating this lady in this dice rolling game. She wasn't happy.</div>
<div>It seemed like the night would never end but we had to head our separate ways.  I believe that i will see him again someday. I will never let that feeling of love go.</div>
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